As a platform for exceptional encounters and curated cultural content, Stellaire creates exclusive experiences for its community to immerse itself in the art de vivre. Guests can be connected by learning about the artisanal journeys of culinary masters, legendary artists, musical prodigies, high fashion creatives, and innovators, as they enjoy intimate access to their legacies and inspirations.

Stellaire’s community of thought leaders includes Asia’s most prominent entrepreneurs, both established and up-and-coming business leaders, as well as various other experts in their own fields. It is a gathering of erudite connoisseurs, distinguished by their passion for cultures and the arts, together with talents to be celebrated.

“We believe that the art de vivre is an immersion in the wonders of artistic endeavours. Stellaire is a gateway to the exceptional — by creating exclusive encounters and bespoke moments through by-invite immersions into the world of arts. With connections to the most talented global pool of artisans, we will have them share a grand tour of their artisanal journeys with an audience that appreciates the finest craftsmanship. We hope Stellaire starts a collective who will embark on many indelible journeys with us,” Harmin Kaur, CEO and Co-Founder of Stellaire.

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